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Get a load of doll-faced Patricia and her tight, lovely legs! She’s supposed to be on a date with her boyfriend but when he saw her walking around in pasties and sexy black stockings, he decided to just rub his hot penis all over her silky soles. Click here to watch Patricia’s steamy trailer from Creamed Feet.Com! and see how well she works her guy’s rock-hard and raging shaft!

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Hot Coed Gets Drenched In Warm Spunk

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When I first saw Francesca, I thought damn, this gal’s gonna make it big in the porn biz! With her smoldering stunning looks and sizzling sex appeal, it wouldn’t be long before she makes it to star status. But for now, she’s testing the waters with a naughty footjob where she teases her fuckstud with her lovely long legs in sexy black stockings before massaging his boner with her soles. Check out her free pics from Creamed Feet.Com to see more of this gorgeous coed vixen!

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Gorgeous Coed Does A Mean Footjob!

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Get a load of Tatiana stroking her lover’s curvy schlong between her nylon-covered toes. She looks like a perfect fuck-doll in those gray thigh-highs, and obviously her man’s raring to drive his meatstick up her tight little pussy. But the girl’s in no mood to fuck today, though she’d love to bring the guy to an explosive orgasm with her tootsies!

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Titfuck Princess Is Also A Footsie Freak!

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Now we all know that Brandy’s a real freak in the sheets, especially when it comes to giving the most good titjobs. But did you know that she’s also hip to footfucking? Here she tempts her man with her lovely legs in ribbed stockings. It isn’t long before the guy rips a hole in the crotch so he can play with her cunt, then move down south to suck on her cute little toes. And soon Brandy’s feet are milking the jizz outta his penis, which takes him to heights he’s never been before! Take a peek at her free pics from the Creamed Feet.Com archives right here!

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Sweet Coed Is A Master Footfucker

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Click here to watch Terri’s free movie clip from Creamed Feet.Com. She teases her lover with her soft feet rubbing against his chest as he strokes her long, silky legs. And she knows that he’s ready to fuck, so she gently pulls his jeans off to reveal his raging hard-on, which soon will be sliding between her lubed soles!

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Busty Girl Loves Jizzy Toes!

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Anyone who takes one look at Alex will definitely be wowed by her humongous titties. But what not a lot of people know is that she’s also a footjob freak, and she can really work a guy’s boner to completion with her skilled toes and soles! Check out her free pics from the Creamed Feet.Com gallery here and you’ll get treated to a sneak preview of this hot sex doll’s secret talents.

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Crafty Skank Gets TV Remote With A Footjob!

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Its TV night, and Jaycee’s boyfriend’s hogging the remote again! She doesn’t want to fight so instead she slips into a pair of cushy socks and starts massaging her man’s penis through his denims with her feet. Crazy shit, but it works! Check out this steamy sample video from Creamed Feet.Com to see how it goes.

Soon the guy’s got his raging hard-on exposed and sliding between Jaycee’s soles, pumping away to kingdom jizz! Obviously it feels divine, because in a matter of minutes, that cock’s spouting its warm and sticky jizz all over the terrycloth while Jaycee frigs her pussy to a satisfying climax.

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Katie’s Got Spunky Feet!

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Katie’s got sexy feet that she enjoys rubbing all over someone else’s johnson. In fact, this makes her hornier than anything else she’s ever tried! Here she gives her man a slow and sensual footjob that takes him close to the point of cumming, then keeps him there. You can just imagine how tight his fat balls must be!

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Kinky Momma Loves Footsies!

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You may not believe it, but this pair of lovely feet and those tight, shaved pussylips actually belong to a sexy MILF by the name of Alexis. That’s right, she’s a momma who’s horny as hell, and she’s got a thing for rubbing her tootsies against some hunk’s fuck-chunk! Click here to see more of her naughty pics from Creamed Feet.Com!

You see, she loves doing unconventional acts inside the bedroom, and instead of just using her mouth, hands, or cunt to make her man pop his rocks, she also enjoys using her smooth toes and tender soles to massage his penis. There’s nothing quite like getting hot baby batter dribbled all over your feet, and today, she’s gonna get her fill!

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Frisky Coed Gives Heavenly Footjobs!

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Check out the legs on Sara! They just look absolutely delicious in those fishnets from hell, and she delivers an equally satisfying footjob to her lover’s hot penis. No wonder her video’s featured at Creamed Feet.Com — she’s definitely ace when it comes to milking a man’s ‘nads with her feet!

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Shy Girl Is A Footsie Maniac!

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So maybe Angelica’s a little shy about showing off her luscious curves, but she’s got mean footjob skills to make up for it! That’s why her video’s featured at Creamed Feet.Com — she’s got perfectly manicured toes and slender legs that are a real treat to watch as she works her magic on her lover’s penis. Check out more of her sexy legs in this cool photo collection!

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Model-Turned-Porn Star Delivers Wild Footjob

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Aileen started off as a pantyhose model but she wasn’t earning as much money as she wants, so she turned to porn instead. Now you can feast your eyes on her incredibly long legs as she tugs our friend’s shaft between her toes! She’s not at all shy about whacking a guy off for the camera and you’ll see how much she loves it.

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Teenage Stunner Has Spunky Toes!

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Lila’s got these lovely long legs that look absolutely delish in sheer black stockings. But she’s also a whiz at whacking a guy off with her feet, and her tight pussy gets wet once she feels a thick, throbbing penis between her toes. In fact, she gets so worked up that she can’t resist flicking her stiff clit while her soles are gliding up and down her man’s hard-on! Check out her sample pictures here to see how slutty she can be.

She starts off by teasing her guy’s penis with her stockinged feet, then she slowly peels off those pantyhose and loosely wraps them around the shaft. Then she dribbles some lube onto her soles, and slides them up and down and back and forth all over that meatpole. By now the guy’s half-crazy with lust! It isn’t long before he re-lubes Lila’s feet with his milky sperm, which is what you’d also probably want to do after you watch her full video at Creamed Feet.Com!

Hawt Girl Gets Wet For Footsies

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Watch Kathi’s steamy sample movie right here. She glides her silky feet all over her man’s chest and belly, causing him to pop a massive boner that threatens to bust through his denims! Amazing thing she yanks those pants off so she can reach that hard-on with her tender toes. Imagine just how stunning they would feel on his swollen dickhead!

For some girls, giving a man a satisfying footjob is a clumsy task, but for Kathi it’s just a walk in the park. Sliding her soles up and down on her guy’s throbbing shaft really turns her on and soon her twat’s also aching for release. But which one of them will jizz first?

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Coed Milks Penis With Her Toes

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Ysa’s hanging out with her older lover when she teases him by massaging his crotch with her stockinged feet. Instant boner! Her man starts licking and kissing her toes and soles, and soon both of them are raring to fuck. But Ysa has other ideas, and she digs out her guy’s raging hard-on to continue what she started.

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Girl Unleashes Pent-Up Lust On Feet!

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Danielle’s one of those hot-blooded babes who come from a strict family and end up as sluts! Yesterday she’s gonna show us a little somethin’-somethin’ she learned from high school, when she could do everything but get drilled. Yup, the bitch can give a mean footjob, and she’s more than eager to share how she rolls a penis between her toes and her soles until her guy cums!

Check out these some of Dani’s free photos here. With her amazing good looks, she’ll never run out of guys who want to bone her, and we’re sure by now you’re also one of them. Well, she might not be very open to giving away her sweet pussy so easily, but she’ll gladly stroke your dong between her talented feet. After all, getting her soles cummed on is her secret to keeping them soft and smooth!

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Sasha’s First Footfuck

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Twenty-year-old Sasha just loves fucking her older boyfriend ‘cuz she never knows what’s in store for her. Yesterday he asked her to come over wearing gym socks, and it turned out that he wanted her to rub her feet all over his hard-on! See more photos of Sasha masaging her man’s big, fat penis with her feet and getting drilled here.

Of course, the young nympho strokes her boyfie’s salami with her terry-covered tootsies. But she can’t keep herself from going crazy with that penis, so pretty soon she’s sucking it hard and begging him to fuck her doggystyle. Sure she gets a rough pounding from behind, and it looks like she did an awesome job of footfucking her guy that he rewards her by spraying her sweet toes with his cum!

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Breasts N’ Toes

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Damn, looking at this coed nympho Ginny, I don’t know exactly where to focus: her huge dollar-sized nipples or her sexy feet. Then again, lots of girls can flaunt their titties but only a few have tootsies that are skilled enough to work on some guy’s penis. Amazing thing Ginny’s got both, and today you’ll be watching her bring a fuckstud to a sticky orgasm with only her toes and soles!

Don’t worry, this bitch strips off so there’ll be plenty of her for you to watch. She loves showing off her perfect body and teasing her fuck-partner, which almost causes our buddy to lose control and drive his meat in her twat. But Ginny’s got it all covered, as her silky-smooth feet stroke, rub, and squeeze his dong to perfection, until all that hot spunk oozes out!

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Lola Wanks Her Boyfriend With Her Toes

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Lola’s boyfriend has always been crazy about her tender feet, and they love nothing more than indulging in a round of sensual footfucking every time they screw. Now this curvy girl wants to add a little extra to their fun by slipping into a pair of nude stockings, which she rubs all over her man’s mega boner!

Just as she expects, her boyfriend loves it! He slides his throbbing meatlog between her clasped soles, feeling the silky stocking fabric rub against his shaft. To add to the experience, Lola’s got her bubble butt facing him, so the guy’s simply blown away by the view. And in minutes, he’s blowing his creamy wad all over his girl’s tootsies, proving that a little experimentation can do wonders for your sex life!

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Three-Way Footfucking Makes Hunk Explode!

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If you’ve got a couple of sexy young tarts stroking your penis with their perfect tootsies, you’d also blow a huge load of sticky and salty boner juice just like our guy did here. He got invited by the girls into their pad for a few drinks, and one thing led to another and soon those hotties were massaging and rolling his shaft between their silky-soft soles and cute little toes. This made them extra-horny and soon they offered their puffy cunts for him to ram his penis into, and they even massaged each other’s clits with their toes while their date kept humping away at their fuck-tunnels. Such dirty sluts these girls are; I just wish there were more of them around!

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Trick Or Treat, Fuck My Feet

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This Halloween, there’s nothing better than to treat yourself with a bowl of candy, a can of beer, and today’s newest footfucking video from Creamed Feet.Com! Featuring the very stacked Danni, this movie will make you see that there’s so much more to a sexy bitch than just her mouth, breasts, and her twat!

For starters, Danni rubs her perfect soles all over her guy’s face, which gives him an instant hard-on. She also proudly displays her heavy, natural juggs for him to massage, though it’s clear that she’d rather have him pay attention to her feet now. Soon her soles are sliding up and down his rock-hard penis, giving him pleasure he’s never experienced before. It feels so good that Danni keeps on pumping until her man’s boner juice explodes all over her toes!

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Althea Gets Her Socks On A Penis!

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Pop quiz: as a teenage virgin, what did you use to wank off with? a) A warm, wet washcloth, b) Your mom’s apple pie, or c) A warm, wet sock? Well, Althea here relieves the fantasy when she strokes her boyfriend’s pecker with her plush-covered feet!

Don’t worry, rubbing your penis with a sock won’t cause static electricity, though it’s guaranteed to make you go bang! And Althea knows it well, which is why she takes her time rolling her guy’s fuckstaff between her soles until all his hot baby batter fountains out. After watching this video, you’ll never look at sport socks the same way again!

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Jizz On Diva’s Toes!

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Get a load of Josie, the hot coed trollop who’s known around her village as the footjob diva! She won’t fuck just anybody, but she’s always willing to please a lover with her smooth and flawless feet. Of course her stud still has to have a respectable sized penis, just like the one we have here; after all, what’s the point of giving out the best footjob if your toes can’t find the penis?

And yes, this nympho does give a grand footjob! She makes sure her man has his mojo worked up by teasing him first, then she wraps her lubed-up toes around his swollen cockhead, sliding them down the shaft, and rolling the entire log between her soles. It may not look like much, but if you do it right, it’s just as amazing as fucking a pussy, if not better!

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Kim’s Dirty Little Secret

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Whenever her husband’s on a business trip, Kim stalks the town for hot younger studs to play with! She doesn’t always get herself drilled, though; sometimes all she wants is a strapping young penis to get her hands on. Or in this case, her feet on!

This horny MILF is a pro at picking guys up, so soon she’s bagged a hunky dude and is happily massaging his penis with her toes. The guy has no complaints either because it’s his first time to receive a footjob and this one feels absolutely divine! In fact, all Kim has to do to deliver the finishing stroke is clamp her stud’s whang between her soles and give it a few quick pumps. Soon her toes are iced in tunny dick-milk, and both of them go house happy!

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Giggly Girl Has Cock-Milking Toes!

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When you look at Katya the first thing you’ll notice is her gorgeous face, followed by her perfectly slender body. This gal’s got loads of sex appeal and you would have to be flamingly gay to NOT want to fuck her! But what most guys don’t know is that she’s also got a secret talent for giving footjobs. Amazing thing one of our crewmates managed to fish out that tidbit of info from her and promptly offered her a spot in one of our videos. And now you’re about to see her stroke a dude’s penis with her cute polished toes!

This bubbly sweetheart was giggling like a schoolgirl when we started shooting her. She said she was a little nervous, but it didn’t show; anyway, we were too busy admiring that tight butt of hers! Soon she settled into her role and was comfortably wringing our stunt dick’s shaft between her toes. Then she curled her soles around his swollen cockhead, polishing it well. That sent our guy to the moon, and his hot jizz shot out, coating Katya’s smooth arches in the end!

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Teen’s Toes Wow Her Man!

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Alexa’s one of those cheeky babes who can wangle their way out of getting drilled and still manage to leave their partner spent! Yesterday she really isn’t in the mood to have a penis pumping in and out of her sweet pussy, but her older lover won’t let her out of the home unless she helps him jizz. So the saucy little vixen gives him a hot cock-massage with her sexy feet instead. And because it’s something they’ve never tried before, it practically blows the guy out of his mind!

Good for Alexa that she always has something foun for her and her lover to do! She knows that rubbing his whang with her feet would drive him crazy, but she didn’t expect it to turn her on as well! Soon she was strumming her stiff clit while her guy slid his boner back and forth between her greased soles, and they both enjoyed a Big Jizz together!

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Broke Co-Ed Earns Dough With Her Feet!

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Feast your eyes on Tanja diddling our guy’s meatpole with her stockinged feet. Doesn’t it just turn you on?

This beautiful co-ed’s trying to earn a few extra bucks and since she’s got a body to die for, we cast her in the role of footfuck princess who loves massaging a man’s dong between her soles. And to heighten the experience, we made her wear a pair of silky nylons! If you look closely, you’ll see that Tanja gets horny from stroking that woody because all her juices soak into the fabric. Eventually she’s gonna peel those stockings off and fingerfuck herself hard. But she’s not gonna stop beating our guy’s meat, ‘cuz she also wants to feel his jizz land on her toes, which is what she gets in the final scene!

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Andrea Gets Promoted!

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It’s been three years now and Andrea’s still stuck in her job folding clothes at a hip boutique. Her requests for promotion have been ignored so it’s time for her to take desperate measures. And those desperate measures involve a pair of very sexy fishnet stockings and talented feet!

The wily little bitch pays her boss a visit at his beachside home, wearing a skimpy dress and her stockings. Of course the guy couldn’t resist getting turned on by her getup, and before he understands what’s happening, Andrea’s already got her toes wrapped around his growing hard-on! She’s hell-bent on giving him the best footjob she could so she could finally get that promotion she wants, and by the time her boss chucks his creamy baby batter onto her arches she gets his full approval!

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Wild Footfucking Threesome

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Holy shit! Doesn’t that just turn you on? We sure think this Creamed Feet.Com video still is a winner, ‘cuz it’s got everything a guy needs to jizz: two hot chicks, a tight and juicy twat, and a pair of smooth n’ silky feet! And the lucky guy here really got his jizz fix when we gave him a couple of horny babes with talented feet to fuck him dry!

Maja and Jill are quite the footjob vixens and they love working in tandem! Watch them twist and tug their man’s woody with their toes, then roll his shaft between their soles. And when that cock’s as hard as steel, they bend over so he can plug it into their waiting pussies. After several minutes of hard shafting, he finally unleashes a large wad of jizz onto Jill’s pretty toes!

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Dancer Has Splooge-Coated Toes!

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The very hot and saucy Amber started off as a stripper and has now worked her way into the porn biz. Since she’s a whiz on her feet, she also wants to demonstrate another of her special talents, and that’s giving a
mind-blowing footjobs! Our lucky stunt penis almost pops his cork just by watching Amber strum her clit, way before she’s even touched his fucklog. Imagine how much more thrilling it would be for him once she starts pumping her well-greased soles up and down his brown shaft — the guy would never stand a chance against her skilled tootsies!

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First-Time Footjob On Video!

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Alyssa’s not quite ready to fuck on film but it would be a shame to pass her up so we just asked her to wank our stunt penis off with her perfectly manicured toes! She’s not just drop-dead gorgeous, she’s got a great pair of legs and incredibly pretty feet that would just look great covered with thick gobs of jizz, and that’s what she gets!

For a first-time footfucker, Alyssa does a pretty good job! She strokes her nylon-covered arches all over our guy’s dong, then gently rolls the shaft back and forth between her soles. Then she slowly peels her stockings off, and continues rubbing, twisting, and massaging that boner until it’s close to exploding. At the final moment, our man unloads his boner-juice smack onto Alyssa’s tootsies, and now you can get a copy of this entire video, only at Creamed Feet.Com!

Dick-Milk For Hot MILF

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For most of her life, Luciana’s been someone who gets what she wants. Now that she’s a happy divorcee, she still gets everything she craves, and what she’s craving for right now is a massive serving of hot man-juice on her well-shaped tootsies!

Being the sex-driven bitch that she is, Luciana makes her move on a hunky co-worker ‘cuz she’s just raring to stroke her soles all over his dong. And since she’s such a sexy MILF who won’t take no for an answer, the hapless guy instantly falls for her charms, making him and his penis putty in her hands. Or should we say, feet!

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Rommate From Footfuck Heaven

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When my new roomie Roxana moved in, I didn’t expect her to be such a sexy coed with awesome legs! Every time we were talked, I had a lot of trouble trying to keep my eyes on her face ‘cuz her smoking-hot body was just calling out to me!

Imagine my shock when one hot evening, she changed into a sexy nightie and knee-high stockings, then slowly trailed her feet from my legs to my crotch. Soon she had my woody sticking out of my pants, which she rubbed oh-so-sexily between her soles. I had no idea how stunning her stockings would feel on my penis! This innocent-looking hottie was a real pro at jacking a guy off, and it didn’t take long before I chucked my load right on her toes!

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Sticky Blind Date

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It’s Jana’s first blind date ever, and she’s lucky that she and they guy hit it off pretty well. In fact, they click so much that she takes him back to her pad and gives him a slutty footfucking that milks his swollen balls dry!

Now it’s a rule that Jana never fucks on the first date, but that doesn’t mean she can go her way around it, right? So she asks her man to rip and lie back as she wraps her tender toes around his growing rod. Pretty soon he’s got a rock-hard boner, and Jana’s tugging on it with all her might between her soles!

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Beware Of Your Naughty Friends!

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This is why nice girls should never have a skanky friend: sooner or later that ‘friend’ will find a way to seduce their boyfriend! Take the case of Valerie here. Her galpal Clara let her own man stick around too long, and once her back was turned, Valerie found a way to get to his penis without actually fucking him! How? By giving him a mind-blowing footfuck that ultimately makes him hungry for more!

Valerie’s evil scheme started off when she turned Clara’s boyfriend on with her long legs encased in naughty fishnet stockings. His eyes practically bulged the moment he saw Valerie dressed that way, and his pants bulged even more! And the crafty nympho made sure that Little Miss Girlfriend would be out busy so she can finally get her paws on her prize. It wasn’t long before she staked her claim, wrapping her dainty little toes around the guy’s raging meat monster and tugging his shaft until he blew his spunk right on her arches. Victory!

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