Sleep Assault - Emma Cummings


Check out this sleepy schoolgirl, Emma Cummings. She’s the latest addition to the sleep sex fantasy site, Sleep Assault. After school she planned on spending an hour and an half outside and enjoying the nice weather and studying. However, her accounting studying put her right to sleep.

Emma was sound asleep when one of her brother’s friends stopped by to see if he wanted to play basketball. He didn’t find her brother, but he did find Emma passed out by the pool. It was too much for him to resist. He had a crush on her for a while now and couldn’t stop himself from pulling up her skirt and taking a look at her ass. When she didn’t notice him playing with her skirt, he decided to push it further. He ended licking her teen slit, pounding her pussy and then leaving her covered in cum. She wakes up feeling something strange on her face. She has no idea what it is until she tastes it. That’s when she discovered that it’s sperm. She was shocked, someone had been there while she was sleeping.

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